Why Read This Blog?

There are countless travel blogs out there, hundreds on WordPress alone! Why should anyone bother with mine? What makes me so different from the other authors living out of suitcases around the world?

Aren’t y’all  just posting articles as an excuse to write off your vacations as “research” for your “work”?

Well, I’m not going to lie that the idea of bopping about and blogging as a career does appeal to me on a massive scale…okay, it’s basically my dream job (hint hint, Lonely Planet!)…but, for now at least, my “work” consists of grabbing as many waitress shifts as I can at a mid-town Manhattan club to finance my travels, and my writing these articles is simply to share the joy of my journeys with others–


I know that last bit was cheesy as Hell. Let me try again!

Why do I write this blog? Why should you care to read it? What’s it all about, Alfie?

Okay, I’m a single 20-something girl from the Deep South. I love to travel more than I love Steel Magnolias and steaming grits. So, I’ve taken to skipping about the globe as much as my modest pay will allow and, while I’ve found many travel guides and sites to be helpful, I’ve yet to find one catered to people like me. I’m not a rough and tumble backpacker, middle-class family, or 1% Jet Setter–I’m something else: the Southern Girl Traveler.

So, I decided to set down some travel tips and suggestions from personal experience.

Simple enough, right?

Well, the creative writing classes started to kick in and things kind of escalated from my original intent. Instead of a few travel tips, SGSTW has become a narrative blog, in earnest.

But, with every story of missed trains (I still don’t think New Jersey really exists) and spitting camels (some stereotypes are true) I still incorporate my most ardent suggestions (and warnings!) from my successes (and failures) as a Southern Tourist.

It is my goal to be entertaining and informative.

Or, failing that, at least as amusing as that last link your clicked on Reddit.


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